fecon236 :: PREAMBLE for Jupyter Notebooks

The fecon235 notebooks for financial economics rely on Python source code, especially fecon236 at https://git.io/fecon236

For display settings and system details within the notebooks, the template below is very useful, placed in an input cell. We will refer to this template as the "preamble" with date-based versioning written as pNN.yy.mmdd, where NN is the major version number of fecon236.

2018-07-14  Change pd import to fe.pd
2018-06-23  Include self-referential URL.
2018-05-14  First working version.
2018-04-21  Preliminary draft for fecon236.

Current preamble

In the first cell, we generally only need to invoke this one-liner explicitly: import fecon236 as fe

Then for the second cell:

#  PREAMBLE-p10.18.0714 :: Settings, https://git.io/236pa
from __future__ import absolute_import, print_function, division
%load_ext autoreload
%autoreload 2
#       Use 0 to disable autoreload when a module is modified.
fe.pd.set_option('display.notebook_repr_html', False)
#       Represent pandas DataFrames as text; not HTML representation.
from IPython.display import HTML  # Useful for snippets from web.
#  e.g. HTML('<iframe src=http://en.mobile.wikipedia.org/?useformat=mobile \
#            width=700 height=350></iframe>')
from IPython.display import Image
#  e.g. Image(filename='holt-winters-equations.png', embed=True)
#                  url= Also works instead of filename.
from IPython.display import YouTubeVideo
#  e.g. YouTubeVideo('1j_HxD4iLn8', start='43', width=600, height=400)
from IPython.core import page
get_ipython().set_hook('show_in_pager', page.as_hook(page.display_page), 0)
#  Or equivalently in config file: "InteractiveShell.display_page = True",
#  which will display results in secondary notebook pager frame in a cell.
%matplotlib inline
#  Generate PLOTS inside notebook, "inline" generates static png,
#  whereas "notebook" argument allows interactive zoom and resize.

Short URL, https://git.io/236pa | Last update : 2018-07-14